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November 13, 2015

Savannah-Hayes-3Savannah and I found each other on Instagram while we were both in the process of launching our brand and websites. Her patterns and textiles on her instagram profile immediately caught my attention because I have this thing for black and white. From blankets & pillows to tea towels to phone covers to fabric, she has a little bit of everything for sale in her online store. Although a slightly different collaboration, the idea of a tablescape using Savannah’s textiles makes me giddy! Here’s a little insight into her new business venture and inspirations.

LS: Tell us the story of creating the Savannah Hayes brand.

Savannah:  I started my business because I love pattern and the ability it has to transform a space from ordinary to striking. Currently in our online shop, we offer throw blankets & pillows for the living room. We have tea towels, marble coasters, and marble cheese boards for the dining room and kitchen. And we have phone cases for the purse!

LS: What textiles/patterns/colors are you drawn to?

Savannah:  I love bold, graphic patterns. I’m most comfortable working in black & white and love how that classic combination pairs effortlessly with mixed metals and blush tones. I’m particularly drawn to linear patterns which style well with soft florals and the natural curves of furniture.

LS: What’s the most rewarding thing about owning a company? The most challenging?

Savannah:  Seeing my products in other people’s homes is definitely a wildly rewarding experience. The most challenging aspect has been shutting off! There’s really no “end of the work day” but I’ve been trying to get a little more zen in the evenings and leave my phone in the other room!Savannah-Hayes-2

LS: Who are your blog/instagram crushes?

Savannah:  Sarah Sherman Samuel (@sarahshermansamuel) is incredible. She has an unbelievable eye, beautiful photographs & great textiles! Garance Dore (@garancedore) is so chic. She has a great way of combining pattern and texture. I love her mix of fashion, interiors & paper goods. Lately, I’ve really been loving GAIA (@gaiaforwomen). They have an incredible mission statement and such a talent for pattern, color and texture.

LS: Name a dream client or project.

Savannah:  Emma Stone’s living room. Where we would collaborate on the interior & then subsequently fall into best friend forever mode.

LS: Tell us a piece of advice that someone has given you (that stuck)!

Savannah:  “Just show up. Every day.” I adore Austin Kleon’s amazing book “Steal Like an Artist.” One of his points is to just show up to your studio. And return there every day. Sounds simple, but sometimes the fear of starting can be paralyzing! As long as you’re present & open to a creative experience, amazing things can happen.

LS: Fill in the blank: Every chic party has ___________.

Savannah:  Champagne, great conversation & lots of laughter.



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