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September 18, 2015

With photos being stored in our phones and computers, it’s unnerving to think about losing all of those tangible memories we once kept in albums. I love the idea of photo books to capture your parties (and vacations, milestones, or just everyday experiences). There are a lot of inexpensive and easy options so it’s just a matter of taking a few minutes to create one. Your family will thank you in 10 years.

social-print-studio1. Social Print Studio (formerly prinstagram) – $25

Social Print Studio is my go-to for printing our Instagram photos. Their squares and mini-squares are an amazing, card-stock like quality so it’s no surprise that their photo books look and feel like your typical, hard-cover coffee table books. SPS is on the more expensive side compared to other options on this list but the size and quality of their books is worth it for the longevity of your photos.

 2. Chatbooks – $6

These smaller 6″x6″ books are just $6 each for up to 30 pages. This idea is unique because it’s literally an automated series of books of your entire Instagram feed in chronological order, making it a true album of your life.

3. Artifact Uprising – starting at $17.99artifact-uprising

Artifact Uprising is the modern/cool/even hipster way to catalog your photos. We ordered our family christmas cards here last year and were very pleased with both the quality and the look. They offer prints, photo cards, calendars and more. Their photo book category offers the most options compared to the others in this list and I’m sure would be of equal or even superior quality. On the lower priced tier, you can get the Instagram (square) photo book or softcover photo book for standard photo sizes – both softcover as the name suggests. But at the higher priced tier, you have the option of a hardcover book or the beautiful, lay-flat album which boasts a 2-page photo spread for each image. For special events, it’s probably worth the extra $$.

4. Blurb – $12.99

I actually have a blurb book that I created from a trip to Instanbul and Prague in 2012 and I love it. It’s a small, square, hard-cover book with beautiful, full page photos. My only gripe is the online book creator is a little outdated compared to the other options because blurb was one of the originals in online photo books. At the time, it seemed intuitive but the others have created simple, drag and drop platforms and blurb is a tad bit clunky. Even so, the final product is great and still does the trick in keeping memories in a little book!

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