Liv studio host: kathryn

September 25, 2015

Since Liv Studio is a brand new venture, I decided to interview a host about our recent collaboration and how it helped in the planning of her son’s second birthday. Kathryn came to me with an adorable circus tent invitation she had already purchased and wanted to expand that theme into the rest of the party. In a little over a week, we took it from a vision to a reality. It was definitely my pleasure to create this circus in the park and I’m ecstatic with how it turned out!

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kathryn-host2LS: How did you choose the circus theme?

Kathryn: Choosing the theme and invitation were easy because I think all little boys (and girls) love the circus! The animals were very fun & sweet.

LS: How do you normally plan parties?

Kathryn: Normally, I choose an invitation & then try to coordinate the decorations around that.


LS: What aspects do you like about planning parties? Dislike?

Kathryn: Honestly, I do not enjoy planning parties! All of the little details can be overwhelming so it’s nice to work with someone who knows what they are doing!

LS: How did Liv Studio help/make it easier to host this birthday?

Kathryn: Liv Studio took my invitation and created a party around that, incorporating very fun and memorable aspects that I never would have thought of. Liv Studio worked within my budget & created a fabulous, affordable birthday party.

kathryn-hostLS: What was “the one thing” you loved most?

Kathryn: My favorite decorations were the tiny gold circus animals that were peppered around on the tables and on the birthday cupcakes. No detail was left out. I’ll definitely be telling my friends about Liv Studio for their events.

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