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October 7, 2015

Finding something to wear is only half the battle; where I start to stress is when I think about fixing my hair and makeup – especially for more formal events like weddings. Having a few (practiced) go-to looks is key! Here’s a roundup of the best (and easiest) hairstyles for events from casual to black tie, and how you can do them yourself.

1. The top knot

If you can master the top knot, your bad hair days are over. The top knot is probably THE most versatile (and quick) hairstyle out there. It can be “messy” and casual to run weekend errands or extremely elegant and royal-like. But there is definitely a technique and Cara Loren has it down pat. In fact, she made this video tutorial to walk you through the steps.cara-loren-top-knot
via Cara Loren

2. The tousled waves

The “beach wave” as it’s referred to is what every girl with long hair aspires to have. That perfect, tousled look that’s not too neat like you’re performing at a four-year-old’s dance recital but not too messy like you haven’t showered in weeks – or this year. Most know that the way to achieve these waves is to curl your hair with a straightening iron but I’ll tell you what – my arms don’t bend in those ways! But again, Cara Loren has mastered this look. See her how-to video.

3. Braids!

If you don’t follow Amber of Barefoot Blonde, your hair game is about to change. She is a braid connoisseur (if that’s even a thing), criss-crossing her hair into the most magical hairstyles you could ever imagine – and just on a Tuesday. I recently made a pact with myself to try a new braid every day for a week, and failed miserably because I have two kids under 3. But I assure you that when my daughter’s hair grows, I have these videos bookmarked. See all of her tutorials here and take your pick!barefoot-blonde-braid
via Barefoot Blonde

4. The floral crown

While this isn’t really a “hairstyle,” the floral crown is the most impactful hair accessory right now. Put one on and BOOM, hair done! In fact, I’ve worn crowns for our family christmas card and most recently as a bridesmaid in a wedding, and they completely take the pressure off the perfect hair because they make it look amazing regardless. For the wedding, we made baby’s breath crowns ourselves and created a diy so you can too. If you’re not crafty or are short on time, there are also many etsy shops that make both real and silk crowns.

5. The messy up-do

This messy, low bun seems to be the most favorited among my “engaged and currently planning a wedding” group of friends and it’s no surprise why. It’s undone, elegant and timeless. However of all the styles above, this is the only one that may require some friends’ help or a professional to pin all those pieces in place. Either way, it’s simply stunning.

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