Jen from the stationery boutique

August 24, 2015

Jennifer Yamzon is the talented designer behind the Liv Studio logo and branding. She is also the owner of The Stationery Boutique, an etsy shop that offers personalized stationery, art prints, stamps, notecards and more amazing goods. I’m always interested to hear where creative people find inspiration and what they love, so I asked:

stationery-boutique3LS: Why did you create Stationery Boutique? I also see you have another Etsy shop! What is Morganela?

Jen: It all started out of frustration of not being able to find the perfect “save-the-date” cards for my wedding back in 2001. I just decided to go ahead and try to make it myself. On Microsoft Word!! I continued to make invitations and cards for my family members for birthdays, baptisms and baby showers, etc. And eventually I taught myself how to use Photoshop (bye-bye MS Word!) and became quite proficient. My husband said I should create a website with some samples of my work, and in 2007 The Stationery Boutique was officially online. I subsequently opened an Etsy shop in 2009 and I’ve been there ever since.

I do have another shop now, as a matter of fact. It has nothing to do with paper or stationery, but has everything to do with one of new favorite hobbies. Crochet! I learned how to crochet earlier this year when my mom came to visit for a couple of weeks. She has done it since she was young and she learned from my grandmother. I picked it up really quick, like it was in me this whole time! I mostly crochet for myself or friends, but I did open a shop on Etsy as well. It is called Morganela. Why Morganela? Because my 13 year-old cat, Morgan, is constantly next to me when I crochet, but surprisingly does not mess with the yarn. She’s the CEO!

LS: How would your closest friends and family describe you?

Jen: Hmmm, probably kind, quiet, creative, crafty, loving, sensitive, super cool. Haha! At least I hope so!

stationery-boutique2LS: Name some designers that inspire you!

Jen: Any designer that has a clean aesthetic. I love black and white, clean lines, openness. In all aspects of design, not just stationery.

LS: Do you follow any blogs or Instagram accounts? Who are your favorites?

Jen: I don’t really follow any blogs, I do like to follow instagram accounts though. My faves include @creaturecomforts, @emilyley, @whoorl,  @madebygirl, @shereatstruth, and @yogagirl to name a few!

LS: What is your favorite thing to do?

Jen: My favorite thing to do is camp! It has been one of my faves since I was a kid. I love being able to share my love of camping with my husband and kids. I also love yoga. It wouldn’t be odd to find me upside down at any given moment

stationery-boutique1LS: Give us a quote or mantra that you live by.

Jen: Big Picture! Sometimes I have to remind myself just how small I really am. When I get stressed, or scared, or worried I just think about how massive our planet is and how massive our universe is.  I try to take a step back and see that all the small details I’m worried about seem to disappear when I look at the Big Picture.

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