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October 2, 2015

On a whim (or a late-night pinterest binge), I found Prospect Goods – a shop featuring kick@$$ piñatas, tassel garlands, and other unique gifts. I immediately purchased the gold diamond piñata for a bachelorette party but also started to think of ways to incorporate these pieces into the rest of my events. They are THAT good! Abby, the creative mind behind Prospect Goods, is equally inspirational and I have been delighted at the idea of working with her on some upcoming events. Here’s a little insight into how Prospect Goods came about – and aren’t we glad!

2015-January-38LS: How and why did you start Prospect Goods?

Abby: I started Prospect Goods because I liked making fancy piñatas! I found customers fairly quickly, so that helped me realize that I could start a legitimate business around it.

LS: What’s the most rewarding thing about owning a company? And the most challenging? Any tips welcome!

Abby: I love that I get to use all of my brain all day. I get to be creative, and thoughtful, and technical. I use math a lot, which I love. The most rewarding thing though, is when customers compliment my products after they have bought them. Often times, I know the event or occasion that my customer is buying for, but I seldom hear how it all turns out. When I get feedback, it’s awesome.

The most challenging part to me is the legal side of things, like state registrations and taxes. I just want to make sure I’m doing everything right!

diamondpinataLS: How did you get to become a piñata expert?

Abby: I’ve always been drawn towards paper as a creative medium, so when I made a piñata for my husband’s birthday three years ago, it just made sense. I get to blend a lot of things I like when I make piñatas: math, construction, and papering. I suppose I can call myself an expert because I’ve made hundreds of piñatas over the last three years.

LS: Who are your blog/instagram crushes?

Abby: Nectar & Stone has one of my favorite Instagram accounts. Their feed is so well done. I like how she has so much of herself in her posts, but she doesn’t do selfies all the time. I want to infuse Prospect Goods with my personality without it becoming the Abby Show, so I reference Nectar & Stone to show me the way.

LS: What’s the most exciting collaboration you’ve done to date?

Abby: I’m currently working on my most exciting collaboration, which is with Free People! I’m just finishing up two products created just for their holiday season. I’m so jazzed to show everyone what it is, but I should hold off for now.

Birthday Party 2

LS: If you could work with anyone, who would it be? A dream client or event.

Abby: I would love to work with the Victoria’s Secret Runway Show. Those shows are over the top and I think I could do some cool work for it.

LS: What’s a quote or mantra that you live by?

Abby: Have you tried? And have you failed? Try again. Try again. Try again.

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